Accreditation Services
EQAA offers institutional accreditation for universities and for other higher education institutions
EQAA uses standards, which fully take into account and adhere to the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area.
Review Teams
Each site-visit to a university or higher education institution is undertaken by a team of reviewers
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Welcome to EQAA, the European Quality Assurance Agency!

EQAA offers international accreditation to universities, other higher education institutions and a wide range of other education and training providers, including providers of technical and vocational education. EQAA has been established on the basis of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) and operates accordingly.

EQAA is the first international agency offering institutional accreditation. EQAA also offers accreditation of individual study programmes and other qualifications. Whilst EQAA works on the basis of the European Standards and Guidelines, it offers its services to universities and higher education institutions worldwide. EQAA works only with highly qualified reviewers who have substantial international experience. EQAA is fully independent of any government and higher education institution.

The guiding rationales for EQAA are:

  • Quality assurance is an indispensable tool for continuous quality enhancement 
  • Whilst universities and higher education institutions have the main responsibility for quality assurance, quality assurance agencies need to offer guidance and advice to them in order to ensure both quality and relevance
  • The development and improvement of a quality culture in institutions is key to improvement
  • Each university and higher education institution operates within its specific environment and quality assurance has to fully acknowledge the contextual setting





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