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Accreditation Services

EQAA offers institutional accreditation for universities and for other higher education institutions. In an institutional accreditation process, EQAA is assessing the capacity of an institution to perform its main functions. It is a process that focuses on the strategic management and the processes, policies and procedures used within an institution as well as general framework conditions.

Higher education institutions are diverse in their mission, profile and character. In order to more accurately replicate this in accreditation procedures, EQAA offers different accreditation for universities and for other higher education institutions. Accreditation is undertaken on the basis of standards that better reflect the distinctive features of the institutions under assessment.

As EQAA’s approach is to focus on the continuous enhancement of quality and relevance, the reports from the site-visit do not just assess the compliance of an institution with the respective standards. The reports also contain a wide range of suggestions for the improvement of quality that go beyond meeting the standards.

In addition, EQAA offers programme accreditation for individual study programmes or clusters of study programmes. However, given the high demands EQAA has of its reviewers, we can only offer accreditation for a selected range of study programmes. If you are interested in obtaining programme accreditation, please contact us to find out whether we can offer accreditation for that field.

EQAA also offers accreditation of joint degree programmes. Given that EQAA is an international quality assurance agency, the accreditation of international programmes, such as joint degree programmes is not impeded by national peculiarities. However, EQAA fully respects the national regulations in every procedure.

EQAA offers accreditation in Technical and Vocational Education. Accreditation in this sector is also offered for the institutional level as well as for individual programmes. 

Furthermore, EQAA offers accreditation of other training and qualification providers. The focus of this accreditation is on the institutional level, but EQAA also offers accreditation of individual qualifications. This accreditation is applicable for institutions that deliver specific qualifications or training programmes as part of a further education scheme. This accreditation is also applicable to any institution that delivers and awards qualifications of other organisations and institutions. 


World-Class Universities

EQAA offers a special accreditation, specifically designed for the most prestigious research universities. It will be possible to obtain an accreditation based on the highest standards. This world-class accreditation will be awarded to universities that systemically excel in teaching, research and third mission. If you are interested in obtaining further information, please contact us at worldclass[a]


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