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Other Services

Evaluation / Audit

Normally, universities or higher education institutions would opt for EQAA’s accreditation. However, there are cases where national regulations require an evaluation or an audit. EQAA therefore offers to undertake an evaluation or audit of universities and higher education institutions. If your institution is interested in undergoing an evaluation or audit by EQAA, please contact us at evaluation[a]


EQAA offers consultancy to universities and higher education institutions about all aspects of quality assurance. The range of consultancy services includes:

  • Establishment of an internal quality assurance system
  • Improvement of an internal quality assurance system
  • Preparation for an external review by a quality assurance agency
  • Assistance in the self-evaluation process
  • Development of an institutional quality culture
  • Development and implementation of quality policies and procedures
  • Trainings and workshops for academic and administrative staff on quality assurance matters

If you are interested in these services, please contact us at consultancy[a]


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