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Appeals Commission

The Appeals Commission considers possible appeals against accreditation decisions made by the Board.

The applying university or higher education institution can appeal on procedural grounds or in cases of unreasonable judgement according to the appeals procedure.

The members of the Appeals Commission do not serve as members of the Board or as reviewers or have any other affiliation with EQAA.

Members of the Appeals Commission:

Angele Attard Chetcuti

Angele Attard Chetcuti is employed in the role of Senior Legal Executive at the University of Malta. She has previously held a number of posts, including those of Assistant Private Secretary within the Ministry of Education and Employment in Malta; Education and Employment Coordinator with Education International in Belgium; and Commission Officer in charge of Quality Assurance within the National Commission for Further and Higher Education in Malta. She holds a Doctor of Laws from the University of Malta and a Master of Science in Educational Studies from the University of Oxford.