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Appeals Commission

The Appeals Commission considers possible appeals against accreditation decisions made by the Board.

The applying university or higher education institution can appeal on procedural grounds or in cases of unreasonable judgement according to the appeals procedure.

The members of the Appeals Commission do not serve as members of the Board or as reviewers or have any other affiliation with EQAA.

Members of the Appeals Commission:

Tim Birtwistle (Chair)

Tim Birtwistle is Professor Emeritus of the law and policy of higher education and Jean Monnet chair (Leeds Law School, Leeds Metropolitan University).

Tim Birtwistle was president of the European Association for International Education (EAIE) in 2001-02. He was one of the U.K. European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System and Diploma Supplement (ECTS/DS) counsellors and a U.K. Bologna Expert (and has made many presentations to senior executive teams of universities about the Bologna Process). He sits on the Stetson University College of Law (FL USA) advisory panel and is a Visiting Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He acts as a consultant on higher education matters.

His main research interests have focused on higher education law and policy with a wide range of publications and papers in the area, inter alia student appeals, dispute resolution, distance learning, university liability, the meaning of “university," mobility, credit transfer, academic freedom, widening participation, trade law and higher education, the Bologna Process. He has also published on general commercial and EU law topics.